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New [Apr. 6th, 2005|12:50 am]



I dont know if this will qualify as HOT or NOT as I see there is some rating involved. I searched LJ for some car communities. Introduction first. My name is Amanda, I am 21, married, live in Michigan and LOOOVE cars. I have a few. 5. A few are dull and a few are on their way.

I myself have a 2001 Blazer LT. Its pretty basic I guess. I bought a clear lights all around and that was a pain in the ass b/c only a handfull of places make them with the intergrated fog lights. I have some 20inch something or another wheels. 3 TV's (in dash AVIC-N1 w/ XM, 2  directed monitors in the headrests), a build in Beltronics radar detector with scrambler also, directed 1500D amp, pair of 12inch kicker L5's. I have a ram air hood in waiting and also a full Xenon body kit with air dam that I dont know if is going to make it on or not. Maybe only the air dam.

1989 Trans Am GTA. She is HOT HOT HOT. Stock right now. Have lots of plans to juice up the 350 but just got her in time for storage last year and havent gotten it out yet. In need of a paint job since its from down south. Have my old ass soundstream and a pair of 12s in it for now (want more L5s or L7s I think) with my older panasonic deck.  Plans include paint, new spoiler, engine mods and covering the seats in leather. Going to keep the rest stock b/c I like it as it is and thats the GTA appeal.

My husband has two also. One is a 95 Lincoln Continental. Slightly grandma like I guess but it was just for the winter but now he wants to put wheels on it and a stereo etc and keep it too. No pics of that. Its mint and the same color as my GTA.

He also has a 1995 Impala SS and its the dark grey green. He would ONLY get that one b/c it was limited production color in a limited production car. Only 4442 made (sad I know this) He has a few things done to the engine but is waiting until next year b/c he is getting it fully rebuild (was a delivery car and has close to 200,000 miles and we want the #'s to all match) 20inch wheels (will be 22s soon). He has 2 models back of the Pioneer dvd player with the dolby 5.1 and a full audiobahn stereo system. By aug it will have the 22's and air bags. After that it will just need the engine, new leather and a PAINT!



From: seanerthebonerx
2005-04-06 07:13 pm (UTC)
i like the trans-am.
and the impala.
the blazer is nice, but its not really my style.
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[User Picture]From: sweet_n_lovly
2005-04-06 07:15 pm (UTC)
aww too bad. its my 'mommy mobile' not meant to be so much HOT
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[User Picture]From: mcsnstwentyo3
2005-04-07 07:00 pm (UTC)
That Impala is beautiful! They will always be one of my favorite cars. Honda first of course, but Chevy done right with those big body Impalas.
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